Do You Have Any Pictures Of Blue Heeler Or Pit Bull Puppies?


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There are multiple ways of finding pictures of both pitbulls and blue heeler puppies on the internet. But, two of the best sites I have found, especially if you wish to look at pictures or even purchase the puppies, are as follows:

  • This site has many pictures and useful information about blue heeler dogs and puppies.
  • If you want to see lots of pictures of pitbull puppies, or even purchase one then this site is very useful.

Blue heeler and Pitbulls.

Both these breeds are powerful and strong dogs, which can become possessive and very attached to their owners. 

  • The term pitbull refers to three breeds of dogs which are: The American pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier. Crosses between these three breeds are also known as pitbulls.
  • Blue heelers are known as Australian cattle dogs. They were developed for the purpose of driving cattle over long distances in the Australian outback, and today the breed has become increasingly popular as guard dogs or pets. Blue heelers originated as a mix between working dogs and tamed Australian dingoes.
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I have one - she is now three years old and her mom was a red healer and dad was a blonde pitbull. She looks more like a pitbull with the blue tinges of the healer. It's the best cross ever, smart like a healer, and tough like a pitbull. I bred her with a boxer last year and that was a really nice cross as well.

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