My Chihuahua Growls At Me If I Pick Him Up When He Is Sleeping Or Even When I Just Go To Grab Him. I Dont Want Him To Be This Way What Should I Do?


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Seamus Mulvihill Profile
First, check that there aren't any physical reasons for the dog to be snappy. (sore spots, injuries, etc.) If nothing then:
Don't startle him when sleeping.
When he is awake, alpha-roll him to remind him who's boss. Do this several times every day.
Don't let your dog be "on, over, or above" you. Don't let him sleep on the bed. Don't let him up on chairs or in any way elevate himself. Make the dog go through doors last- behind all humans. Don't be afraid to correct bad behavior (read about this)
When the dog looses the Napoleon complex, you can start to spoil him again.

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