I Have Got A 10 Week Old Kitten And I Was Wondering When She Would Need Her Vaccinations. Please Get In Touch And Let Me Know?


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Congrats on your new kitty. She had her set around 8 weeks? Then probably about 2 weeks from now at 12 weeks. Call your vet and see if they do a 3 or 4 week schedule though most do the 4 week so it's something like, 8,12,16,20 ect. If she didn't have her 8 week set you can get her started now and it will be every 3 or 4 weeks from here and Rabies will be in one of the sets or at 6 months (spay/neuter) in there somewhere too. And then again at 1 year and then you can start an adult schedule based on what you and your vet decide to do and what is feasible for you if you would want to run titers yearly to check your kitty's titer levels and vaccinate less often (3 years or so usually) or just vaccinate regularly if you aren't running titers. Have fun with your baby.
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