My shih tzu teacup pup has pus in her eye how can i help her?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Probably has an eye infection here so you need to get her to your Vet as soon as possible
april hayes Profile
april hayes answered
Grab a wet rag, and wipe it away from his eye and if it keeps comming back I would go to the vet.
KR- myopinions Profile
KR- myopinions answered
You can always call your vet and discuss it with them first but if her eye has actual puss in it you should probably see the vet. Could be a sign of a URI, an infection, an injury, a physical issue like distichiasis (which is common in Shih-Tzu) which is irritating and may be causing damage to the eye and should be taken care of.
The breed parent club is the first link for you. Also some information on the terms like 'teacup' and 'imperial' (for shih-tzu) and some of the reasons why they are considered HUGE red flags. There is no 'teacup' dog/classification registered with any reputable kennel club, you would not find one AKC registered 'teacup' dog out of the millions. They are terms generally considered to be used by breeders/sellers which are unethical or lack in knowledge and both are reasons to be wary. Hope your pup is okay.

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