What's wrong with my dog the other day she had a fever and now she is losing lots of her hair.she had puppies 7 weeks ago?


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You might want to have your vet do a quick exam if she's running fevers just in case she has or is developing an infection. Many of the post whelp infections can become very serious so best to monitor closely and make sure any time something doesn't seem quite right or there is a question.
The hair loss may not indicate that anything is wrong and is common after a litter due to hormones and that they retain more hair during pregnancy (we do too). The hair loss often starts around the time the pups are about 5 to 7 weeks old. Some dogs lose less hair and some lose a lot more.
When you have her checked out just have the vet make sure it's more normal and not signs it may be mites or mange or something else. Red or raw looking skin, scratching a lot, balding around the eyes and tops of ears and things like that might indicate something else. Having her checked out is also useful for being able to have people speak to your vet if there are any questions or concerns about the health of your Dam based on her appearance and it's simply normal hair loss after having a litter. :-) A high quality food and a good supplement can also be helpful. Hope she's all good.

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