Which Is Cleaner, Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs Or Dwarf Hamsters?


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We have cats,dogs, hamsters,guinea pigs,rabbits,and one bird here is my answer the dog you would need to take a walk but they are playful and they love thier family. Now with the cats thier are by them-self kind of animal but they can be playful but you would have to clean thier litter pan which is not any worst then cleaning the hamsters,guinea pigs or the rabbits cages the hamster,guinea pig and rabbits are about the same in taking care of them yes you need to feed them every day now with the bird we have it probably the easy one of them all you need to feed and water it everyday just like any other animal and talk to it like other animals and take it out once a day  the answer should be its up to you which every one you really like to get and spend time with
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I would have to say get a cat. Dogs are a bit harder to care for and need daily exercise. A hamster or Guinea Pig needs cages cleaned and in my experience they do bite more often then not. Cat's usually are affectionate and playful. Kitten's are always adorable and we have 3 cat's right now.

Of course if you want to show off your pet to friends, a dog is a good choice too. I guess it depends on your life style.
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Cats are the cleanest, by far.  They're self cleaning, don't leave smelly gifts in the neighbors yard (if kept indoors), they seldom, if ever, need a bath. They, like most dogs, tend to shed, but if you keep them brushed, and keep them healthy, they should be ok.  The worst chore with a cat, I feel, is cleaning the litter box.  If you clean it often, even that's not so bad.  Hamsters and guinea pigs are messy little creatures.  You must clean their cages very often, because the smell is awful.  I'd like to add rabbits to the list of messy smelly animals.  They may be cute, but if not cared for properly, PU!  
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Andrew Hicks
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Actully cats shed. They try to tear up curtains... They mess with Blinds on windows, We had to get rid of ours. For all of the stuff i just named... NOT CATS
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I would say that it was the dogs
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Cats are by far the cleanest,I have cats rabbits and guinea pigs
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I would have to say that dogs aren't the easiest to care for, but cats are low maintenance, and cleaning a hamster or guinea pig cage isn't always the nicest thing to have to do. I would go with the cat. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I would say dogs, GET A COCKAPOO! They don't shed, and are easy to train, I have on and it replays to its name and does tricks....!!!
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I would say dogs or cats. They are very similar, but I think cats stay more clean, by not going in dirty water or rolling in mud. But they both will eat rodents, which is very germy!

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