Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?


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It just depends on who you are, I love cats. They are cleaner than dogs, and they are very good companions. A dog can protect you, or at least try to, and cats don't but they are softer, and sweeter if you know how to take care of them. Hope this helps.
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I like them both the same.
1) Dogs are more play full.
2) Dogs are more fun to be around.


1) Cats are cleaner
2) Cats DO enjoy your company if they like you.
3) Cats give great hugs.
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Dogs come when they are called, cats take a message and get back to you.
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You'll probably find you're a dog person if you want a chum/friend who's always by your side and loves you unconditionally. Cat's are more independent and won't need to be around you all the time. I personally am a dog and cat person and like different levels of affection at different times of the day - when I get home from a long day at work, it's always nice to see a happy dog who's excited to see you and loves you to death but later, when I'm chilling, I prefer having my cat around who is far more relaxed and just sits with me (doesn't pounce on me or need a ball thrown for her) :-). But there's no such thing as dogs are better than cats - they're just different, that's all.
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Dogs are stinky lunatics where as cats are better looking and smarter
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taylor holland answered
I personally think cats are better! I have one that isn't a lap cat and takes like no attention...but I could play with him if I wanted to...so I guess its a matter of opinion
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Dogs are a lot better than cats because of their personality.  Most dogs are compassionate and faithful to their owners.  They serve as a loyal friend and lookout for your property.  Cats are not as social with you.  Dogs are great companions.
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Excuse me, Wyotruck? Cats are way cleaner and much smarter. There is a cat out there who can eat with a spoon! And she's working on chopsticks! All dogs can do are the same tricks as any other dog. Cats have been proven smarter multiple times! Dogs poop everywhere and are not at all cute! (Except maybe Chihuahuas). Cats rule dogs drool!

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