Does Eating Cockroaches Make Dogs Or Cats Sick?


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Can cockroaches hurt cats or dogs?

Not necessarily, but cockroaches aren't exactly a good thing to allow your pets to eat.

  • Cockroaches are one of the most versatile creatures on the planet, and will pretty much feed on anything.
  • Many cockroaches feed on the substances found in the sewers and hence are known for carrying bacteria, filth and disease.
  • When they run through your home, you are disgusted by them - so why should you let your animal eat them?
  • By allowing a cat or a dog to eat the cockroaches that may come into your home you are effectively allowing your pets to eat the filth on which the cockroaches feed.
  • This may be perfectly fine - but you never know what the cockroach has been eating, so one day you may be unlucky.
  • The cockroach could have eaten something particularly awful, and could be carrying many different kinds of diseases.
This would mean that your dog might become vulnerable to the disease and could, ultimately, die.

If you know that your dog has eaten a cockroach, but money is tight then, for now, you can just give it plenty of water and allow it to eat as normal - but don't hesitate to take it to the vets if you see any signs that it may be becoming unwell.
However, if money is not a problem, then you might do well to simply take your dog straight to the vets, if you know for sure that it has just eaten a cockroach. This will give you complete peace of mind and also allow more time for your vet to decide what to do to best ensure that your pet remains healthy.

Eating cockroaches is absolutely not a good thing, and has the potential to really harm your pet, so do try and stop him or her from doing it.

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