Is It Best To Use Hay Or Straw For A Guinea Pig's Bedding?


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 Well,  Let me tell you something don't trust the pet stores,   Last year I got a guinea pig and then I got another so she wouldn't be lonely.  So, A day after Thanksgiving we had a little surprise we had another guinea pig, And are other one is a girl also. So we got a pregnant one and the pet store said that the cage had ALL GIRLS IN IT So I don't trust pet stores but if you want to know straw because the hay will get wetter faster I know now.
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If you had to choose between them you should choose hay because it is an excellent source of food and your guinea pig will have fun playing with it, but you would have to change the litter more often because when the hay gets wet it gets moldy fast. Straw is also good too but I think hay is a bit better .but a good shaving is ASPEN it does not have a strong smell so it is safe for your guinea pig but the only problem with ASPEN bedding is that the oder is not the best for you. Since it doesnt have a strong smell after a a day or two it will smell so if you use ASPEN you will also have to clean your guinea pigs cage more often.
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Hay as strew to hard.and they eat the straw
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Hello  I used to have a guinea pig and I used cedar chips  they seemed to work best  you can usually buy them in bags at pet stores  or in the pet section of any store
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I have never kept guinea pigs but know that small animals (chinchillas etc) need pet store bedding as it should be dust extracted and wrapped.
Most advise to bed on straw but to also feed hay. Follow this link, I think it will help you..
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