Which is your favorite: dogs or cats?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Reckon I'm a dog person myself ! I love my Basset Hound !

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Alison Brown answered

Cats.... I love cats... :)

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I'm a dog person, but honestly I love all animals!

I have 2 dogs btw and never had cats.

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Niki ta answered

No you didn't uh uh. You can't ask me that it's like saying where is your favorite place in the world would you live there if you left your friends. Bruh this is hard. But I gotta go with dogs because I never had a cat my dad is allergic.

darkvader gum drops darkvader gum drops Profile

Paws up! I am a total dog person. Resist your awwwws!!  My dad's allergic to cats! And still, Meow Purr Scratch! Cats are the worst!  (Don't judge me!)

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Sara Lewis answered

I always thought I was a dog person because growing up I always had dogs, and I think they're great, but lately I've definitely been coming around to the idea of cats...

I think the thing you have to accept is that they are fundamentally very different animals, with different personality traits.

Dogs are typically very loyal, affectionate and easy to train, and cats are naturally more aloof and like to do their own thing. I think that is why a lot of people prefer dogs, because cats still have elements of being "wild" animals, and like to be very independent.

But when you spend more time with cats you see that, just like dogs, they too have very personal character traits, and can also be very sweet, and entertaining. And you only have to listen to the contented purr of a cat to realise that they enjoy some human attention too.

And there's no question that they can be entertaining!

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dru dixon answered

I grew up loving both, but I liked dogs just a little bit better when I was a child. Then at age 13, I got my first pet cat. I was over the moon.  Now I am a cat person.

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Jenny Green answered

It's really a hard choice. Dogs are lively, adorable and loyal. Cats are proud and elegant and have really good-looking face. Really hard choice. I love them both.

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