What Is Good To Feed My Pregnant Boxer Dog?


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Little weight gain occurs within the first 3 weeks of pregnancy so during this time your dog needs to be on a high quality adult maintenance diet.  Caloric requirements increase at about 3-4 weeks into the pregnancy-especially protein and carbohydrates.  To meet caloric needs either increasing the amount of maintenance diet is fed or you can switch her to a growth, active, or puppy food.
Purina should have diets that will be acceptable.  They definitely will have a puppy formula.
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I fed my pit purina and I believe the pups where fine when born but make sure to buy her some vitamins. They sale some economy type in Wal-Mart .Also call petmed they informed me of a  vitamins supplement just for pregnant dogs. It was a one time thing and I didn't think it was that expensive. Just for you can get a little more info on what's out there. It was a one time thing and I didn't think it was that expensive.
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Science Diet has different types of dog food. The one with the highest protein is for pregnant mothers, growing puppies, and sporting dogs.
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Thank-you but that's way to expensive for me.. Don't purina have something? She now eats the green bag of Purina. Adult dog 

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