My Boxer Dog Is 57 Days Pregnant And She Doesn't Have Milk Coming Out Of Her Nipples Why?


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Maybe its not time a dogs gestation period is 60-63 days or more or less and sometimes you can only see milk when they are one day before giving birth.
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The colostrum comes in anywhere from a week to sometimes not until birth. It's usually within a day or two though. Be very careful when checking, as a little extra force can raise the chances of mastitis. Colostrum is a little different than milk in appearance and in shorter supply.. :-). This is where the puppies get the bulk of their immune system from. The actual milk does not come in until 3 or 4 days after birth. Average gestation is 59 to 63 days though can be a little sooner (like 57) or later (68 to 70 and it's time to discuss with your vet and you're at a higher risk of needing assistance or c-section). You should start taking her temperature today, 2 or 3 times a day. When the temp. Drop's to around 98 or so, it's how you know she's entering labor and the pup's should arrive within 24 hours (usually less) or there's a problem.  She should be checked out within 24 hours of whelp to be sure everything went well and there's nothing retained to cause infection. There should be a placenta per each puppy. She can eat some of them but too many can cause diarrhea. Make sure the number of pups is at least the number shown on the ultrasound or x-ray. If either of those number's don't match you may want to head to the vet sooner. Let those pup's nurse during the labor whenever possible. Good Luck.

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