What To Make Sure My Dog Gets Pregnant After Mating?


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If there isn't anything wrong with one or both of the dogs generally if they tied they are most likely pregnant so the options are to speak to the vet about the mismate shot and it's risks if soon enough, a spay and termination or you go in to the vet in about 3 or 4 weeks to confirm pregnancy by ultrasound or a quick blood test to begin prenatal care. Any other steps such as STD and health testing and those sort of things if breeding intentionally would be taken before the breeding. After they breed you move to the pregnancy protocol pretty much.
If you check the link in your previous question (first link below) it is a basic run down and breeding and whelping basics information and links with more details about everything for you and pretty much a crash course from after a tie to just after the pups are whelped. Good Luck.

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