My rabbits head is leaning to one side and his right back leg is limp he is stil eating and drinking and hopping about but he is falling over now & again wot does this mean? What should i do?


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boo sam answered
Take him to the vet something is wrong.
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John Hamilton answered
It is possible that he has a severe case of bone damage and fracture....take him to the vet before it becomes too severe....That is the only hope....Good luck!
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Michelle Phy answered
If its an older rabbit it could have suffered a stroke. It usually affects one side of the body. It needs to be seen by the vet.
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Breanne Marie answered
There is a condition rabbits can get called head tilt, take him to the vet ASAP it can be helped if it is caught early but it can go down hill fast.

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Meta Forrest answered
Best to take your rabbit to a vet, it could be some kind of siezure or stroke . 

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