My Hamster Wont Eat Or Drink And Wobbles When It Trys To Walk Is He Sick?


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Theres a very good chance the hamster is very ill. Has he jumped/fallen or hit his head?? There could be an ear infection causing loss of balance and appetite. Try finding a exotic vet near you, or simply call one from the internet that has experience with small creatures such as a hamster! Good luck! Try feeding with a syringe (no needle of course) kitten formula would be okay till he was back to himself. Or fruits and veggies ,
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My hamster is the same,I took him to vets he said its wet tail plus ulcers in mouth,its best that you feed him with a syringe and keep giving him water.ive been giving mine chicken soup,baby food mashed banana I think first 24hrs are critical I didnt even go to bed it was fluid for hammy all way round the clock,hes not out of danger yet

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