My Dog Will Only Turn In Left Circles. He Will Do It When He Is Happy, Nervous And Just Going For A Walk. He Doesn't Have Any Type Of Ear Infection. I Don't Know Why He Does This Or What I Can Do To Stop It. Can You Help?


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Dogs like people, have different personalities and  different ways of expressing emotion.  You can't stop someone from jumping up and down each time they get a big win at the casino, so maybe this is the case with your dog.  Might have to accept him the way he is. :)
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I love him and accept him with every bit of my heart....I would just like to tone it down
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I have a female terrier/shitzu who does exactly like yours, but mine goes only to the right. I was told that it is a behavior problem.
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You didn't mention what kind of dog is. Does he run into walls at all and have a big domed head and maybe eyes that are a little buggy? It could be hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Your description makes it sound more like he's just a happy little guy though :-).

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