Should I Let My Dog Eat Grass When He Is Vomiting?


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If the vomiting doesn't bother you, then your dog eat it. If it does bother you, there is no harm in trying to get him to stop. But if it becomes an excessive habit you might want to take your dog to the vet. Eating grass is natural for dogs but its not part of their diet. Nobody is sure why they do it. But some people theorize that it may have something to do with their connection to wolves who prey upon animals that often eat grass. It doesn't hurt them to eat grass.. Only grass that isn't chewed properly will almost always lead to vomiting. If that makes sense.
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   I would. If my dog had the need to I would. If eating grass causes the vomiting then I wouldnt let him anymore, defiantly. If his vomiting becomes an issue you should bring your dog to a vet.
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It is perfectly normal, my dogs do it and plenty of other dogs do, even cats! Make sure she/he drinks plenty of water and just keep an eye on her. But you should not worry.

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