Why Wont My Dog Eat Or Drink But He Will Eat Grass And He Keeps Throwing Up?


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Glenn Swent answered
I have had this problem with my dogs in the past, he has a stomach virus, the grass is his way of clearing the pain, like we use tums, until you can have him looked at by a vet, feed him nothing but water, and maybe a little rice, I know it sounds weird, but my mother swears by it. It should soothe his stomach and ease his pain. He will get hungry though, but that's a good sign.
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Brianna answered
His stomach is obviously messed up. Dogs eat grass to make there self puke when there stomachs are messed up. If it doesn't fix itself in a couple of days I would take him to the vet to make sure it is nothing serious.
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Erin answered
Dogs(and cats) eat grass when they have a upset stomach
you probably want to take them to the vet!
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Glenda answered
He definately needs to go to the vet,,,if he's not drinking either he very easily can become dehydrated. Good Luck ...

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