Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?


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When I saw my dog out in the back yard munching on grass, I thought it looked really funny. Then all of a sudden he was in the house throwing up!

I went straight on the internet to try and figure out what was going on, and to my surprise I found that dogs eat grass to make themselves sick on purpose.

Why dogs eats grass

Apparently, dogs will eat grass for two different reasons:

  • Because they want to add nutrients or roughage to their diet
  • Because they want to make themselves sick
The first reason is pretty straight-forward. Dogs, just like humans, need nutrients and roughage in their diet to function properly.

Whilst a dog's diet might not consist of as much plant-life as that of a cow, dogs also need the nutrients and properties that plants offer. Grass is usually the closest plant at hand, which is why you might see your dog chowing down on your lawn.

My dog eats grass and throws up

When I saw my dog eating grass and then throwing up, my first thought was that he had poisoned himself!

In actual fact, dogs eat grass to make themselves sick. They use grass as a sort of 'cure' for ailments like a gassy or uncomfortable stomach, or if they've eaten something unpleasant.

The way grass makes dogs sick is actually really simple. The blades of grass are usually swallowed whole instead of being chewed, and on the way down they tickle the throat and lining of the stomach.

This causes the dog to throw up.

Why does my dog keep eating grass?

So in actual fact, a grass eating dog is actually very normal. The only thing you need to be wary of is when your dog seems to be continuously eating grass and throwing it up.

This might be a sign that your dog is feeling some sort of discomfort in its stomach (possibly due to an illness), and it is trying to medicate itself.

If this is the case, get your dog to the vets as soon as you can!
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Dogs eat grass because it acts as a natural way of making the dog sick. This is a relatively normal thing for a dog to do and need not be a cause for immediate concern (unless the dog is doing this all the time, in which case, veterinary attention should be sought).

Dogs may eat something which makes them slightly bloated or uncomfortable and so eating the grass will help them be sick and rid the body of the offending item.

It is important to ensure that the grass eaten has not been treated with pesticides or any chemicals (or even other dogs' urine).

If you have a garden, it may be worth cornering off part of the garden to keep it only for your dog to graze on when it feels the need. This area needs to be kept clear of any chemicals and other dogs.

However, if cats are also allowed into the garden they may insist on using this area as a toilet, simply because they shouldn't !
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My dog eats green things on a regular basis and has never gotten "sick" I think it keep her stomach in good balance, and this is a dog that's only feed dry dog food. She eats lettuce, when I make a salad I give her a large piece (romaine) or celery a half of stick she has never threw it up nor does she get the runs.
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It helps with their digestive tract. Sometimes they'll throw it up, just to get the build-up out of their stomachs. It's perfectly normal.
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Dogs feel sick, so they eat grass, which makes them vomit up whatever was making them ill.
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It's like medicine, in their minds they think it makes them better.

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