What Age Should I Breed My Female Chihuahua?


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Never breed the dog in there first heat. There bodies are not mature enough to handle the stress. Wait until the second heat.
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Breeding in dogs is possible after first heat cycle. A female dog has her first heat cycle at the age of 6-8 months. Some breeds can have their first heat cycle as early as 4 months and some as late as 18 months. At 6-8 months of age, female dogs are not physically mature completely and some fitness tests are also not possible at this time. That is why vets don't recommend to breed dogs at this age. Some fitness tests are possible at the age of 2, so, it is better to breed your dog after 2 years of age.
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You know what, all you people who call yourselves "experienced breeders." NEWS FLASH!! You all had to start somewhere. You all started out with no experience what so ever. So please, stop acting like its a crime to try it. Some of us are interested in learning just like YOU did.
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Animals have giving birth and breeding before people kept them as dogs...let the natural process happen...if the dog was wild then her first breed would be as soon as it happens if its the first heat then god will take care of the process...with all of human technology...people still die giving birth...if its meant to happen then that gods way of quantity control ok....
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You shouldn't breed dogs unless you are experienced.  There are way too many dogs needing homes as it is.
Be responsible and have your dog desexed.  If you simply must breed, you can get information by doing a Google search on chihuahua care, or speaking to breeders or the Chihuahua association in your area.
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If you have to ask this you should NOT be breeding her at all.You will end up with a dead mom and dead litter of pups unless you have the knowledge and ability to pay for prescreening tests,pre-birth ultrasounds and/r x-rays....and a possible c-section.Can you afford all that?Are you willing to risk your pets life?

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