How Long Does It Take Before You Start Feeling The Puppies Moving In A Pregnant Yorkie?


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Puppy movements in dogs can be detected at advance stages of pregnancy that is after 50 days or 8 week. This is the time when abdominal size is undoubtedly is increased, milk production can start, dog reduces her activities.

It is better to get ultrasound of your pregnant dog at this time to know any defect and liter size in order to prepare yourself for whelping. Canine pregnancy can be of 59-68 days.
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I  would  think  after  the  first  30 days, she should  show some movement , my dog  didnt
show  much  movement  with  her  pups  , Its  best  to also  ask  a  vet  too
Well  it  does  take  66 days  for  them to give  birth  plus  she should  be in birth  no more than  4 hours  to  6 hours  maximum  which unusal  But leaning more to  4hours

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