Why Does My Dog Have A Swollen Eye?


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A dog can get a swollen eye for many reasons. The most common one is a bump to the head. Dogs are excitable animals and often run around or jump about without thinking. If your dog isn't bumping itself on an almost daily basis then you're incredibly lucky.

Other alternatives include things like a tick bite, it could be Entropion (an eyelid infection), it could be an allergy or it could be that an item - like a seed - has gotten stuck around or behind the eye after running in long grass. If it's large or there are many seeds it will cause irritation, swelling and the eye will weep a mucus-like liquid.
  • Is there anything I can do myself?
If it's a bump you should monitor the injury, unless you think it's too large to ignore, it's affecting the dog, or it's a young puppy. If it's a bite or parasite of some sort then it's best to go to the vets. Home remedies won't solve that. The same applies for the eyelid infection. If it's a seed lodged in the eye then a syringe filled with very lightly salted warm water can be used to rinse out the eye. If you're not confident doing this then a vet will be able to quite easily.
  • What should I do if there's no improvement?
You should always seek a professional opinion if there is any doubt whatsoever about the cause of the eye injury. Leaving it, or attempting home remedies, can prolong suffering but also cause more damage to be done. You don't want to make your dog blind. A simple visit to a veterinary practice will tell you how simple or severe your dog's affliction is. They will be able to diagnose it, and even if it is bad there are canine ophthalmologists (eye specialists) that have more technical expertise to assist recovery.

If the eye is swollen shut, or visibly raised to the point it's blatantly obvious, or even seeping at the same time as being raised, you should take it to a vet as soon as possible. This is especially the case with puppies; their development means they're less resilient.
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It is possible your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction.  Other concerns would be severe conjunctivitis or chemical burn to the cornea.  Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the swelling and inability to open the eyes.  Once a diagnosis is made treatment can begin.  Ocular problems can be serious and it is better not to wait to seek attention.
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Don't know when this happened to your dogs eyes  BUT NO SALTY WATER.. That will burn like mad.. Just use sterile water and flush it..
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Many reasons your Dog could have an infection, it could of got in something or even a animal bite
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This might be due to many reasons.It could be that there is some infection in your dog's eye or it could be that something was hit at that place.But to be fully sure please get it checked from animal doctor.
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The vet wont be open till the morning what can I do to help. Should I flush it with warm salty water.

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