My Dog Is Breathing Weird She Sounds Like She Has A Cold And Is Congested And She Keeps Sneezing?


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She may have sucked something into her nasal tract or have a small cold. If you have a small flashlight, very gently peer into each nostril and see how things are going. I would call your vet for advice, seeing as breathing tends to be an important function in most mammals. I believe dogs have a slightly higher temperature than ours, about 100-102 depending on fur and skin. May want to double check that, I am no vet, but I do have a dog myself.
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If your dog gets bloated in the rib area take it to a vet near you if there is any bleeding through the mouth or nose she will get bloated in the rib area and her lungs will fill up with dog died of that so be careful and watch her every move.
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If your dog has been around other dogs, you really need to take her into the vet, my father's dog recently caught "kennel cough" after being boarded for a week. Unfortunately she didn't survive because they didn't catch it in time. Better to be safe than sorry.
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Dogs and Cats can get colds. You need to take your baby to the vet and get some antibiotics. This usually will not go away by itself. A dogs normal temp is between 100-200.
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OMG!!!!!, a dogs normal temp is NOT between 100-200. Closer to between 100 and 102.

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