My Dog Doesn't Want To Eat, What To Do?


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There are many reasons why your dog may have lost their appetite; however there are ways to treat this. It is important that you keep an eye on your dog's eating habits. It's very easy not to notice for a while whether your dog is eating, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, however, every time you give your dog their meal, you should keep checking to see if they're eating. Moreover, keep in mind that if your dog is experiencing a loss of appetite then there are usually other symptoms they are suffering from such as lethargy, vomiting or odd behaviour. Therefore make a note of any other obvious symptoms.

If you've noticed these symptoms on your dog then you should consult a vet to determine what the medical issue is. You should ask your vet to carry out a physical examination and explain all of the symptoms you have noted. You may be asked to bring a faecal sample with you and the vet may have to take blood tests in order to find the cause. The vet may suggest that your dog should take intravenous fluids as it will provide nutrition to your dog and prevent them from getting dehydrated. This method is usually adopted if the underlying cause cannot be diagnosed straight away, however it is important to note that this method will not cure the cause but will supply nutrients to your dog to prevent their condition from worsening. Moreover, the vet may decide that your dog needs medication such as antibiotics to help overcome their loss of appetite. Antibiotics are prescribed if the cause is found to be an infection, which when cleared up; the loss of appetite will disappear. If your dog doesn't return to normal you should return to the vet.
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To entice the dog to eat you can add water to the food and warm it up. My dog didn't want to eat either and we added some chicken soup and chicken to it and she started to eat it. Then we just had to add water and warm it in the microwave for 10 seconds and she now eats her food regularly,
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My dog doesnt like dry dog food, so I put a little warm water in it to make it softer and sometimes I just mix dry dog food and mushy dog food together
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Not to alarm you or anything but my dog was acting the same way and I took her to the vet to my surprise she was diagnosed with lymposarcoma... And is no undergoing chemotherapy... Please take her to the vet
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The observation suggests that your dog is suffering from either some sort of a depression or from a disease. However, the disease is mild. You should seek assistance from your vet regarding this dilemma of yours.
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If she has only been sick for one day, then don't try to make her eat, her instinct is to let her gut be empty and have a rest. It is more important that she has water to drink.
If she has been like this for longer than a day then she may need to see a veterinarian.
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You can't make her eat until you identfy what is wrong with her. Make sure she has water, If she won't drink, try some ice chips. If you really love her, please find a vet!
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Me and you , has athe same dillema. :( my puppy doesn't eat anything too. I'm afraid maybe because I step on him yesterday. Coud that be possible ?

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