My Pet Dog Has Weepy Eyes And She Sneezes When She Is Outside. She Also Seems To Have Trouble Breathing And Sometimes Can't Get Her Breath. What Should I Give Her And Or What Should I Do?


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Take her to the vet to get advice.

Dogs can get asthma or hay fever, just like people. What you describe sounds very much like either.

Asthma can be deadly to dogs just like it can be in people, so don't mess about, go see a vet about it ASAP.

The vet will try to figure out what the trigger is for the dog's breathing distress. Asthma attacks are usually set off by specific triggers: cigarette smoke, grass pollen, air pollution, etc. If it's a plant source (like a flower pollen), then just removing the plant from your garden can help reduce the likelihood of further attacks. The fact that your dog gets worse outside suggests that it's an outside problem (like grass pollen).

Pugs, not least because of their short noses, tend to suffer from respiratory diseases, as do most pure-breed dogs.

It's just as important that you see a vet in case it's not asthma, to figure out what it is instead.

Asthma or hay fever in dogs is typically treated with long term measures, such as anti-histamines or low dose steroids.
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I agree with Scavanger, sounds like allergies, a trip to the vet is the best possilbe thing you can do to find the source of the problem and the treatment. Sometimes surgery is the only remedy for a cat or dog bred to have a pushed in nose. Persian cats have the same problems.
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It's true.Dogs can have allergies or asthma like people. Maybe he have allergies ,you can put him on pure leaf alo juice 2 times a day and he'll be much improved. The alo juice also helps with his dry skin and itching.
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What medication can you give a dog if it gets stopped up at night and has trouble breathing?
Anything you can just have on hand?

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