My 6 Month Old American Pitbull Has A Few Patches Of Hair Loss On His Body Just Recently. What Could It Be?


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As with any issue with your own health, or the health of a dependant, which can be anything from a child to a pet, it is always better to visit a healthcare professional, in this case a vet than take probably unreliable advice from the Internet.

You do not provide any other details such as where the hair loss is occurring and if there are any other associated symptoms such as swelling of the skin or sores. Without the full details I can only provide suggestions as to what your dog could be suffering from:

  • Demodicosis: This is a disease caused by Demodex mites that can live in the hair follicles of a dog. Although the mites cannot be passed on to humans or even any other dogs,  it is not very pleasant for the pet that is suffering. This condition can also be known as 'demodex mange.'
  • Fleas: If your dog has been in contact with any other dogs or with any other animals, there is a chance he or she could have fleas. The scratching and biting at the itchy, affected area could be the cause for the hair loss.
  • Season flank alopecia: Some dog breeds such as English Bulldogs also suffer from this condition, where parts of the hair on a dog's coat start to fall out
  • Allergy: Your pit bull could simply have an allergy to the food he or she is eating or to something in the home environment. Go to the vet to have some tests carried out. 
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Well I am the owner of a Pit and I know many others , and Have encountered one incident where the dog was being bathed to much. With short hair dogs they do have certain oils on their skin that they need. I know you want your puppy to smell great n be clean so you can cuddle lots but if you are washing it to much that could be a problem. Mange comes from mal nutrition, so if your pup is healthy and is feed well then I don't think that's the prob..
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Its not always Mainge. I have a American Pit bull and Demodex is very common in Pit Bulls. It is a microscopic bug that looks like a cigar that eats the dead skin cells on your dog..leading the hair to fall out. Just go to your vet and get them to do a skin scrape and then they will know what your baby has. I have worked at a vet for 3 years trust me.
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It Might just be dry skin. My Dog Has very, very dry skin and has lost some hair because he scratched himself too much. What I would Do is to use lotion on your dog at least once to twice a day. If your dogs condition doesn't improve take it to see a Vet.
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I have a four month old rednose pitbull and he also has a few patches of hair loss... One above his eye, and another on his side. This is also a sign of a food/environmental allergy, so we're currently in the process of trying a new food with him to see if that helps.
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Hair loss in patches and itchy skin both are the symptoms of mange. You should take your dog to the vet. Human can get affected by this disease occasionally, that is if it is caused by the mite known as "Sarcoptes scabiei". So one should be careful about it anyway.
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Try getting some fish oil tablets tey are the human ones they work I have a pitbull and we give them to her and makes her hair stay..
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Just go get oatmeal shampoo for dogs with dry skin my pitbull had really dry skin we thank from the food he was eating its been getting better since we used the shampoo and switch the food brand and if nothing works take him to the vet
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It may be mange , and if so you need to get him to the vet asap, because you and more likely any children around him can get sick and he can die from it , if it is not treated properly.
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My 4 Month old pit has patches of hair loss and I don;t know what to do, WHat is the best food for him and how often shoudl we bath him,  He is healthy and up to date on shots  do you grease him or what and is he a danger to small children

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