My dog has bald spots all over her. What could be causing it? She's 4 months old and is a brindle pitbull


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Mange, fleas, probably mange.  I think its spelled Mange. Its a small parasite, my border collie got it.
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It could be from fleas, if your puppy is scratching at them too much. I'm not saying that is exactly what it is though.
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You should see the vet. It could be demodex and she's in a common age range for an outbreak. Did it maybe start near the front of her body nearer to the head and then continue to spread (not always but common)? If so you can speak to your vet about using interceptor which is safer, faster and easier than a lot of there things and your pup may need antibiotics prescribed for a secondary bacterial infection.
It could also be some sort of allergy or a bacterial or fungal infection and your vet will be able to prescribe any medication she needs. Your vet will have a better idea once they are able to take a look.
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Britny Turberville
It started on her sides then slowly made its way toward her head and now half of her face is bald...its really concerning me because she was a really pretty dog before she started losing her fur....could it be an allergy to flea dip?
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Those OTC flea and tick (and deworming) products can cause some pretty nasty problems but you really need to have the vet take a look since it also still sounds alot like mange. You want to go soon and will also give you a much better chance of less damage to the hair follicles and that all her hair grows back normally once you are able to treat whatever the problem is.
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What did it turn out to be?

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