My Pitbull's Skin Has Raised Bumps And Looks As Though His Hair Is Coming Out. ...


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Our male has the same type of skin issues...he has terrible allergies & we can't seem to figure out what causes it, but benadryl helps as do regular baths with oatmeal shampoo & lots of brushing with a rubber brush..the brush is something we just recently started & he loves it because is scratches his itchies without breaking his skin & even though he has very short hair, lots of it comes out when he is brushed...hope this is helpful to someone
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First you need to bathe the dog in oatmeal soap for dogs. Then give her acidophillius, I used L.Acidophillius to help stop the allergy/infection.   I gave mine 8 a day for the first week. It would not hurt to give her an antibiotic for a week either. I got tetracycoline at the pet shop. In the fish department, it is water soluable. I gave mine one a day in a little piece of hot dog.   Be sure to keep fleas and flys off her. I also feed only Lamb and rice dog food so she did not have an allergic reaction to the food.It keeps the doggie smell down to a minimum also!
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I am not to sure about pit bulls, but my sharpie had a similar problem and I had to take her to the vet. She had the allergies and lacking vitamins. I had to give her benadryl and mix this powdered mixture in cottage cheese.

Please take the animal to the vet it can also be the mange.
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I would say that your dog has a flea allergy even though you may not find fleas.
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You should have it looked at by your vet, maybe do a skin scraping. You should have the vet take a look especially if your pup is losing weight as well.
It could be demodex or something and sounds like a possible secondary infection that would require antibiotics (usually not a tetracycline family/type) and probably treatment with interceptor (easiest, safest, one of the most effective). If demodex has progressed it may be generalized and indicate an underlying immune disorder.
It could be nasty allergies or some other bacterial or fungal infection (tetracycline also are not effective in fungal infections). It could be a sign of some other serious autoimmune disorder or problem.
Just have them take a look and after talking to you may point you in the right direction. An exam is inexpensive and you can discuss options from there based on what they think from being able to look and talk to you about everything (even whether your pup drinks what seems to be a lot of water may be important). Hope it's nothing too serious and your baby is feeling better soon.
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Yeah I'm having the same problem on my pitbull...the vet is saying she is allergic to something and she has sensitive skin so I had to get a sensitive skin organic shampoo change her food and bath her once a week till its gone. But it keeps coming back, and now she has one red ear in the inside I don't know know what to
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Was wondering if you have found an answer to this? My bull terrier has the same thing
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If there is red scabby rings then this is most likely ringworm. It can cause hair loss around the spots. It is a fungus and it's highly contagious even to people so wash your hands thoroughly after touching him. Hair coming out in clumps can also be a sign of mange....either way you need to get him to a vet so they can do tests. Check your body for any red spots like his, if you have any then this is ringworm and it will take a little while to clear it up but athlete's foot cream will take care of it. But don't use that on the dog, a vet will give him a cream, drops, or a shampoo to clear it up.
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My dogs has a lil cough and hack up sum food then he losing hair and he has lil red bumps on his body and his coat smells really bad

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