Can U Use People Lotion On Dogs?


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My dog has hot spots [baring and chapping of the skin] and we've used regular lotion on her for it with very little affect, we ended up having to get vet-prescribed medicine for her. That's for hot-spots though. I don't know what your dog would need it for. If it's something serious, don't try it, you could hurt your dog, I'd suggest just going to the vet.
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Dogs and humans are mammals. The only difference is that they lick the lotion.
I wouldn't think twice about trying.

I successfully cured ringworm on my cat with human topical medication.
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Susan Katchur answered
No, I would not use people lotion on your dog.  Take your dog to the Vet and see about getting prescribed medication.  If that doesn't not work--maybe the Vet can prescribe you something different. If your dog's skin is chapped, maybe the soap or shampoo you are using is too harsh for its skin.  Dogs can have sensitive skin, just like people.  You might consider using an unscented dog shampoo, made with mild and gentle, natural ingredients.  I found a very mild dog shampoo, so mild it can be used on pregnant and seizure prone dogs.  My source:

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