Can Polysporin Be Used On A Dog?


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Polysporin is sometimes used to treat ear infections in dogs but it is not advised by veterinary professionals as it is designed for treating humans.

Polysporin is an antibiotic that is geared towards treating external infections affecting the eyes or the ears. It can only be obtained through prescription in the United States, despite being available over the counter in Canada. With regards to treating dogs, some breeders have valued the usage of Polysporin due to its success rate. If you do decide to use Polysporin then make sure you follow the instructions and apply the drops correctly. Also, make sure you don't use Neosporin, which is a similar medication, as it is poisonous to dogs if ingested.

If you do use Polysporin to treat your dog's ear infection and it is not resolved within a few days of being administered then you should consult a veterinarian. They will carry out an inspection on your dog's infection and prescribe an appropriate form of medication. You need to take into consideration that if you use a medication that is not appropriate for the infection then the problem may worsen or in some cases result in permanent damage to the tissue.

There are some things you need to be aware of before using Polysporin. If your dog has broken skin, irritation or an ulcer in their ear then you should not administer any drops. Also, you should refrain from using this medication if your dog is suffering from ear mites or a yeast infection because this particular treatment won't be effective. If you find an allergic reaction or swelling breaks out after using Polysporin then you should contact a vet immediately. The best piece of advice is to seek the professional help of a vet before you use any treatment.
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Polysporin is a Over the counter antibiotic cream. It is best suitable for wounds. You can use it on dogs or any other pet. It works best for wound and helps in avoiding any infections. Eyes are very sensitive part of the dog's body. Although Polysporin is harmless for eyes, you never know the dog might get a reaction. So its better to consult a vet before you do any such thing.
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Can I put polysporin in my dogs ear? He has seen the vet for this particular problem but I am almost out of the prescribed Otomax.
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Take tea (iranian ) brew it nice a dark , once brewed and boiled up let it cool down and strain it once its all cooled down and strained get some one to help you put it in the dogs eye its got very strong antioxidants it will help the infection go away but its got to be done on a regular basis its also good for humans too this is a natural cleaner  it dose sting ...hope this helps you
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Yes you can use the polysporin on your dog, but it needs to see a VET for the infection. There may be more that you can't see, and it can make him very very ill. I worked for a vet and ive seen this before.

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