Can You Use Caladryl Lotion On Dogs For Itching?


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According to veterinary experts, Caladryl lotion is not suitable for dogs despite being widely used to reduce itching in humans. Because of some of the chemicals which are used in this product, there can be a high risk that your dog could be poisoned if Caladryl lotion is used extensively or frequently. Some of the most dangerous chemicals within the product, such as zinc oxide, can be tolerated by humans but not by our canine counterparts. It’s advised that you seek medical support from your local pet surgery on finding approved medication for alleviating itching in your dog. Alternatively, you could  try and create wholesome home remedies that aren’t based on synthetic products.

It could be a case of your dog having fleas, and in these circumstances, make sure that you get designated treatments for dogs such as Frontline. This specialist treatment ensures that parasites which cause itching can be eliminated in just 48 hours. In order for the dosage to be correct, you need to take into consideration the weight of your dog. Whereas half a pill might be just enough for a Chihuahua, it certainly won’t cut the mustard for a Great Dane. The instructional leaflet and label which accompanies Frontline will be able to tell you everything that you need to know.

In conclusion, you should not use Caladryl or calamine lotion with your dog. Your canine will enjoy grooming themselves and licking their fur clean. If you aren’t careful, you could run the risk of your dog’s stomach becoming upset because of the impact the chemicals will have on the digestive system.

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