Can you use vasoline on dog's pads?


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Arthur Wright answered
Sure can as its safe but may lick off afterwards
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KR- myopinions answered
There are other things that work a little better and not as slippery.
Even bag balm is a little better than vasaline usually. There are products specifically for paw protection labled mainly for working dogs but not the only dogs they can be used on that come in a little jar and are inexpensive. You can look at your local pet store or ask them to please get some in for you.
If it's because they seem almost kind of like hairy and/or cracked, you can also have your vet take a look. That's usually something like keratin overgrowth.
Your vet can maybe dremel some of it off (don't try it yourself anytime soon) and you can ask about a product called Kerasolv. It will help usually and if it's showing on your pups nose as well.
If there isn't any particular reason for that sort of thing to begin to occurr such as the working dogs it's best to be sure to mention it and have your vet take a look during an exam just in case just to be sure it isn't an indication of some underlying problem as it can indicate on occasion. It is usually environmental or keratin overgrowth though.

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