Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs?


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Yes you can. But hydrocortisone cream is better!!! You can give her benadryl too!!! She might need to go to the vet to get a cortisone shot. But try this first. The gnats you need to cut with scissors as close to the skin as you can get. They hurt so it is important to do this and help your dog be more comfortable!! Hope this helps!!!
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Calamine should be fine if you can apply it in the right places i.e. On the spots, it depends how long her coat is. Another solution is to bathe her in cool water with salt added, this will not only cool her down but the salt will act as an antiseptic for the bites.
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Benadryl-children's formula (melting strips) is what I use.  My dog is a shep/dane mix about 95-100lbs.  I give him 2 strips.  Benadryl helps from the inside to block the itch. Hydrocortisone creme is fine, but dogs tend to lick if the can reach.  Good luck
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I wouldn't use calamine lotion. I used it on my bostone terrier after reading this post.  He must have licked some off himself- he has been throwing up horribly.
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Yes, I agree with rossignol.  Hydrocortizone cream would be better.  They do have a benadryl cream but that is more for rashes and allergic reactions.  I would think Hydrocortizone would be best.  Keep all away from the dogs eyes, nose, mouth, and other areas.  You get the idea.  If you are still unsure about it, try calling your vet for more advice.  Good luck.
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Go with the Benadryl and bathe the dog in oatmeal shampoo for dogs. If they don't have it where you are get some Aveeno bath stuff and bathe her in that. That will help with the skin irritation part.
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