Can You Use Human Antifungal Cream On Dogs?


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Yes, you can use human anti fungal creams in dogs. Anti fungal creams are same for animal and human use. Most common anti fungal that can be used are
  1. Itraconazole
  2. Miconazole
  3. Econazole
  4. Chlotrimazole
  5. Ketoconazole
But it is necessary to discus with your vet before start of any medicine in dog including topical, systemic, over the counter or prescription medicines.
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I say use any antifungal that is safe for children, perhaps one that is recommended for nappy rash.. That way you know it will be safe even if your dog takes a lick!
I am constantly horrified by the lack of availability of over-the-counter medications for pets!!! Must we really spend $100 running off to the vet every time our dog looks slightly off-colour??
Good luck with the fungus- hope it resolves as quickly and cheaply as a human infection might!!

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