Can You Use Human Antibiotic Cream On Dogs Skin Where They Can Possibly Lick It Off?


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Best to call your pharmacist, if you cannot reach or afford a vet and they should be able to advise. Most antibiotic creams are rather harmless if licked, but better to be safe than sorry. As well, you do not say what it is for, and if the cream in prescription or over the counter. Once again, check with pharmacist
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The antibiotic is over the counter triple antibiotic, like people use for infections. I want to use it on my jack russells lower back cause she's been chewing and now has small sores. I was told I could use it, but wasn't sure if it would hurt her if she licked it off.
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You can use neosporin on animals; if they lick it off it won't do any harm. Just make sure you put enough that it will help so if they lick it off at least some of it may have done some good.

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