Why Does My Cat Poop On Her Own Bed?


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Maybe cause she is to tired of going in her box.
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She is getting old and incontinent. It is very common, all you can do is make her comfortable and keep her clean.
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just went through this! My 15 year old girl is being treated for IBD very successfully. Vet put her on a high fiber diet...hypoallergenic is also a way to go. ASK them! I swear it will help. Also a course of metronidazole for the inflammation. Is the blood bright red? diarrhea triggers vomiting so that is somewhat normal with this situation. Also B-12 injections can be recommended...inexpensive and you do it your self! The pooping in places she likes...still addressing that one myself...I figure she is associating the pain of diarrhea with her box...get a new box, different litter, and put it somewhere she is happy! (that's my next step...right in the living room!!!) I went so far as to give her food in that spot and she pooped on it! Email me directly if I can help you!
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I would still get her checked out, especially if there is blood in the stool! And her not being about to keep food down and being skinny is not good for her, she will need a high protein diet.

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