How To Prevent Neighbor's Cats Pooping In My Flower Bed?


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Many thanks for posting this question you don't know how you have helped me solving my trouble unexpectedly. God has it's own way of doing things. :)

I am going to give a try to black pepper trick and as a last resort garlic powder thing...

Good Day and good luck for resolving your really serious problem. :)
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You should have a talk with your neighbor, and let him control his cat.
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John Swindells
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How on earth do you control a cat? Their sole purpose in life is to ignore humans.
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Yes, John has the point.
Jack Mahon
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Did you ever tell your cat not to go? It don't work, when Mother nature calls we all answer.
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Sprinkle some hot pepper flakes around. He'll have a squat to remember.
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If you show luv fr her n den tell her nt to do it. It wont.....I have my own cat....she does da same at first bt den she she does not do it.... =)
YATHI RAJU answered
One fine evening invite your neighbor's .... For the dinner !!! Your problem will be solved .
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Wow lol tht would be annoying first tell the neighbor owner of the cat then if they still don't listen go tell the animal reuse or watever they r call something animals
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Regarding controlling a cat: Many people have cats that they consider indoor cats but when it comes time for them to "do their ;business" the cat owner puts them outside.  They do not want to trouble themselves with cleaning a cat litter box,  so they shove the cat outside to poop in the neighbors yard.  It is the neighbors who need controlling in this case.  Now, for how to stop the cat from pooping in your yard...there is a commercial product that can be purchased at a feed & seed store called Fox Urine.  It works to keep away cats, squirrels and some other animals/rodents.  My daughter has spread crushed red pepper on the ground where the cats "go".  This also may take a bit of time but the cats will go to another neighbors yard.  The fox urine works immediately.  Many cat owners are unaware (or don't care),  but if your city has a leash law there is a good possibility that the law applies to cats as well as dogs.  They could be fined for letting their animal run loose.  Call your animal control office to see if it applies where you live.
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This is the "cat friendly" way to do it.

Clear away any existing catpoo then scatter garlic powder around the area - You'll barely be able to smell it, but down at ground level cats can, and they hate it. You might have to do this a few times until the cat realizes that your garden is not a nice place to be if you are a cat.

Works every time - bit expensive on the garlic though.


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