My Young Cat Has Breath That Smells Like Something Dead, He Is Drooling And Sleeping More Than Ever. Do You Have Any Ideas?


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It sounds like she has an infected or broken tooth. Dogs and cats do not experience mouth pain like we do, so it may still eat and purr but have the problem, make sure the vet has checked thoroughly for either of those or something stuck in her mouth either under her tongue or in the roof, all of these things will cause the symptoms you describe.
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An oral examination, as part of a complete physical, needs to be performed by a veterinarian.  Dental problems are always possible--abscessed (infected teeth) or foreign bodies (sticks, foxtails, pieces of toys).  
Drooling is a common sign of nausea and can be related to a taste reaction or gastric upset.  Your cat may have gotten into something--causing the nausea or smell ie feces, dead animals, garbage etc.
Problems related to severe kidney issues can cause a bad odor.
Your veterinarian will help rule out these causes and start treatment to help your cat.

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