Why Does My Cat Pee On My Bed?


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She doesn't like the lip on the box, or she doesn't like the new box, have you cleaned the box recently? She might just want it cleaned. Close the door to your room if you can, and see if that might encourage her to go back to the box, but get rid of the lip on the box, most cats hate them if they weren't raised using them. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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It makes matters worse. My cat smells-all the time. She is right next to me on the bed and she smells! I try spraying the bed but the sprays always end up too strong, what you should do is buy a new mattress and dovey. Put the old mattress and dovey in another place and take the cat too it, the cat will recognise the smell and want to pee there instead, then you can start putting the litter box next too it and see if the cat goes there. I recommened you put the dovey near a door and try too keep the door open to let the cat go out when ever it needs a pee. AND DON'T PUT IT TOO SLEEP, I'M SURE THERE ARE MANY HOMES OUT THERE THAT WANT A CAT, AND JUST BECAUSE IT PEE'S ON YOUR BEAD DOSEN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO KILL IT!!!
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Hi, cat is a kind of animal as dog, so I think she need training, they are clever, if you can training her who can understand as dog. I have had a dog was in this way too, then I have trained her for a few months now she get used to it. When she want to peed then she come and find me so I get her outside from now on, she has got her habit.
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I recommend you go back to using your old one maybe she doesn't like change and your bed would be a familiar place to her.

Good luck hope this helps
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Maybe she does not like the new one she has or maybe when your gone it is a sign of stress when you're out of the house.
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How old is your cat and when did this start? Try putting her cat box in you room and see if that helps. Get pet odor remover and spray the mattress and pillows good. Wash the sheets and blankets in laundry soap ad about a cup of vinigar to get the smell out. Sadly sometimes cats just get dirty and won't stop and find new places to go.  If this does not stop about the only thing left to do is put it to sleep, that's what the vet told me cause once a cat gets started it usually won't stop
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She is peeing on the bed because she needs to go and you have not potty trained her.

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