Why Does My Cats Poop Stink So Bad?


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If he/she has smelly waste most the time, maybe a change in diet would be beneficial, to both your nose, and his/her comfort.  If the smell is only recent, has he had something different to eat in the last few days? Maybe he/she has eaten something out in the garden that hasnt quite agreed with his tummy.  Sounds diet related in one way or another.  What do you usually feed him/her?
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Because it's poop
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Maybe its what your feeding it ? I'm not positive.
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My 3 month old kitten poop smells so bad actually I can smell it Now I have bought candles and h can still smell it what do I do
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Most poo stinks, especially that of a carnivore like a cat.  A vegetarian animal has not got the same smells to their poos.
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It probably has the squirts and trod it all round your house, try going on youtube and learn how to teach him how to use your toilet.    (^_^)
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Any poop smells bad. It's not just your cat. Poop is the waste products, and that waste smells bad because it's a bunch of rotted food.
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Have u tried taking a dump on an open container, and leaving it there for n hour or 2, c how good that smells
Anonymous commented least in humans....when our digestive system is working properly, and when we are eating proper/good/nutritious/balanced diets....the poo should not smell so bad...the poo should not be "rotten food"...Just as a properly mixed compost pile will not stink, but rather smell nice and earthy....human poo too should not stink much...of course Im not saying it should smell good...but rather that a stinky people poo, is indication of something wrong-diet/digestion/stomach,spleen,intestine
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All cats poop stinks. I suggest you use a clumoing litter. I use "Fresh Step". It has carbon in it which absorbs the odor. Only on a rare occasion does my cats poop smell.

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