Why Does My Dog Hump Her Bed?


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Chris Chasteen answered
Do you have a cat also?  Or other dogs around?  In our case, I think our lab started this as pup to show the cat it was her bed--because the cat will occasionally lay on them...but she only does it to her two older beds...the ones the cat occasionally lays on...she leaves her new bed alone.

It is amusing and make people laugh and is mostly harmless I would presume--if you're not too prudish about it.  It is a dog and does not have the same social hangup we do.
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My dog does this too I was just looking up to see why and I saw people had said it was to show dominance over the bed... That it is hers and not yours... My dog has done this twice now she is at the end of her first heat right now so I thought maybe that was why but she also started doing it about 4 months ago... Its just a dominancy thing I guess and you should try to distract her from it so she doesnt become ocd

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