How Many Times A Day Can I Feed My Cat?


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stacia plog answered
IT depends how old your cat is if its a kitten then feed it about
1 can of cat food if its middle aged feed it 1can wet food and half cup dry food if its old feed it about the same as a kitten but a little bit more
jessica lawrence Profile
You can feed your cat all the time if you want to you just got to try not to feed your cat a lot at a time also you can feed you cat any kind of cat food but when they get old they prefer the wet cat food because it is softer
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You are meant to feed your at twice a day and you should ask your vet on weather your cat takes dry or wet food.wet food is mostly for kittens and dry food is healthier,but still,ask your vet in case.
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jen john answered
You can feed your cat twice a day if kitten soft but if cat dry...

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