How Many Times A Day Do You Feed A Netherland Dwarf Rabbit?


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Just keep a bowl of food and a bowl of water always available to your rabbit in its cage.
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Your rabbit should be treated as a
Rabbit, dwarf or giant. He needs fresh hay at all times, water at all times. A small bowl of dry pellets daily, a daily supply of mixed veg and herbs. A treat of fruit three times weekly.Most important is a continuous supply of hay. Their digestive system is unique and needs to be kept moving. Also unlimited safe access to a run ( that he can run in) and a roomy sheltered hutch/kennel with comfy hay bedding. Shelter from the rain and also protection from the sun. Rabbits can stand cold more than they can stand heat. A regular bum check to allow for him to access and eat his cacotrophes, which he takes from the anus. Also a clean bum is vital to stop fly strike which can kill fast. Ideally he needs neutering and also a neutered friend. You need more advice to pal two up though. They are very territorial.
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Hello.  You do not mention specifically what you are currently feeding your Netherland Dwarf Rabbit so I can not say for sure how much you should feed him.  I have a link for a great article about rabbit nutrition that I think you will find useful in determining what to feed him!

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