How Many Cans Of Food Should I Feed To My 8 Weeks Kitten? I've Been Giving Them 2 Cans A Day But Split Between Both Kittens.


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I've had cats for years, and raised some of my cats kittens to adulthood. I never measure the amount of food that they eat.

Course my cats are indoor/outdoor so they get plenty of exercise. Still, they can't really overeat, because if they did, they would throw up.

I don't recommend that you keep feeding them soft food either. Their teeth need the hard food to make them, and keep them strong.

A dentist for a cat can be pretty expensive. Mainly because their teeth are so small. Hope this helps you out. Good luck.
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Dena Beech
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i also feed them hard food. I was just worried i wasn't feeding them enough. They are indoor cats only. Thanks for the tip. So should I feed them 2 cans in one sitting or one is fine split between both?
Jacquelyn Mathis
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They're growing fast, and burning up all the food they eat fast, try one more can for a day, and see if they eat it, but really, they should only get the soft food once in a while, because you want their teeth to be strong. Hope they're happy little things, I'm a cat lover. (Cats rule and dogs drool. haha).

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