My Dog Has A Cold, What Home Remedy Can I Give Her?


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Hi we have a dog that seems to have a cold she has a cough that sound like she is trying to cough something up. A couple days ago she got mad and chewed her blanket and she was vomiting and pooping bits of blanket. She has stopped that and now has this cough. What can we do to make her more comfortable.
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Respiratory tract infections caused by bacteria or virus and allergy can cause cold like symptoms in dogs. Viral infections don't require any treatment because virus complete his life cycle before it is self treated. Bacterial infection is treated by use of antibiotics.

Many home remedies are being used as natural remedy of cold in dogs but their efficacy is question mark. For example Garlic is said to be effective in treating cold like symptoms in dogs but I don't recommend because it can cause toxic reactions. At home you can only
  1. keep him warm by restricting at home
  2. You can give him extra nutrition like brown rice and boiled chicken
  3. Use of cool mist vaporizer at a place where your dog sleeps
Ideally, you vet is in better position to treat cold in your dog depending upon cause.
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My dog is constantly sneezing and has a runny nose, can I do anything that would help at home while I wait for a vet appt?
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My dog has a runny nose  and keep on coughing
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Your dog most likely has kennel cough. It is highly contagious. There are no home remedies. Even if you have done the right thing by law and have taken your dog to the vet to get his annual shots. Even if dogs have had their shots, they can still get kennel cough if they come in contact with other dogs with this condition. The virus has become resistant to the anti - kennel cough medication. It is an international problem.

I would say that he has a mild form of kennel cough. This is why he is still able to drink, and eat and play. He has sufficient resistance form the anti - virus shots to be able to have the condition but go on normally.

He will be highly contagious to other dogs for a week or so. Keep him isolated. Make an appointment with your vet for a check - up just to make sure that you can access any medication for him to ease congestion. You don't want him to go on coughing and sneezing and being in any pain. If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cures for the common problems . I recommend you Natural home remedies through this you get instant of knowledge about Herbal remedies .

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Some lovely hot tea with a spot of honey in it. The warm tea will sooth its throat and the honey will clear the germs.
Hope your dog gets better soon
Dr david
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I have a peke she is shivering and she was drooling earlier not anymore what should I do

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