My Dog Has Ring Worm. What Are Some Home Remedies?


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Ring worm is Contagious through skin to skin contact... this is because it is a virus...there are different types of ring worm, ring worms attack the body, scalp, feet and nails... this goes for animals also... ring worm gets very itchy, that is a symptom or it... and if you see your dog scraping it with his paws and nails you should know that there is a very high chance that the virus is now underneath the nail also so if he is scratching others or even just playing with you or any other family members there is a huge possibility that they will get it.. and ring worm spreads on its own also... do not take it lightly... just for future references... this is late but others will know...
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Shave the area where the ring worm is to keep the hair from spreading it. Wash the whole dog in Betidine (spelling is off, but the pharmacist will know). Wash the dog EVER DAY! Paint the ring worms with iodine EVERYDAY after you dry it after bathing. Wash his bedding EVERY DAY in antiseptic and hang in the sun (also a germ killer). Wash your hands - this is highly
contagiously, but can be kept under control and healed quickly if you do what I said. If not, any pet or person in the house can get it!
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It is always a good idea to contact a veternarian anytime an animal has a medical condition. I realize this can often be an expensive decision, however, some conditions do not respond to home remedies and can actually worsen if we choose an incorrect solution.

I encourage you to contact a local veternarian's office or a local pet store as soon as you can. Your dog is probably a bit uncomfortable with this condition. Sometimes a local pet store will have appropriate solutions to this or similar conditions.

I would also seek advice as to whether or not this condition is contagious and if it could be passed on to you or your family. Seek advice on prevention procedures if you learn it to contagious.

Good luck with helping your dog!
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Your dog most likely has kennel cough. It is highly contagious. There are no home remedies. Even if you have done the right thing by law and have taken your dog to the vet to get his annual shots. Even if dogs have had their shots, they can still get kennel cough if they come in contact with other dogs with this condition. The virus has become resistant to the anti - kennel cough medication. It is an international problem. I recommend you Natural home remedies through this you get instant of knowledge about Herbal remedies .

I would say that he has a mild form of kennel cough. This is why he is still able to drink, and eat and play. He has sufficient resistance form the anti - virus shots to be able to have the condition but go on normally.

He will be highly contagious to other dogs for a week or so. Keep him isolated. Make an appointment with your vet for a check - up just to make sure that you can access any medication for him to ease congestion. You don't want him to go on coughing and sneezing and being in any pain.

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