What Is Home Remedy For Fleas On Dog?


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There is no such thing as an effective home remedy against fleas.  You will waste more money and a lot of time if you don't treat fleas effectively the first time.

Flea control should be based on using an insect growth regulator on all your animals (if you have any other dogs or cats).  This is a product which has an effect on all the stages of the flea lifecycle.  You can ask your vet or pet store for their recommendation.  You can also use a medicated shampoo on a regular basis.

As well as treating your animals, you need to treat the environment.  For every adult flea on your pet, there will be a thousand eggs and larvae in the environment.  They will be in your carpets, between the floor boards, in the yard, and they will be especially concentrated anywhere where your pets spends a lot of time, ie their bedding and their favorite chair.  You definitely need to wash and change your pet's bedding on a regular basis and you can bomb your house and spray your yard.

Flea problems take time to get under control once populations increase so don't lose heart.  Keep up the treatments and you will get a response.
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I researched, but I found nothing for home remedy for fleas on dogs, so I think that means there is none, but good luck with other answers^^

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