My Dog Has Nasal Congestion. What Can I Do To Help Relieve It?


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I put my dog in the bathroom with a humidifier, for 3 hours.  I rubbed some vicks vaporub on a towel and placed it near her, for 3 minutes.  She seems to be breathing a lot better and able to get some sleep.  Prior to the vaporub she wasn't able to sleep because she couldn't breath out of her nose.  I am not sure if this will help, or if there are risks with having your dog smell the vicks vaporub.  I just know that it has given us some relief.
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My friend's puppy had bad congestion and the vet told her to have it in the bathroom with her while she took long, steamy hot showers. It did help, just as it would help a small child. Hope your Mom's pooch is feeling better.
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My dog has nasal congestion and sneezing with mucous. What cad I do to help relieve it.
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My mother's dog gets like that constantly.  Do you think she may possibly have allergies?  I know this sounds awkward, but my mother gives her dog children's benadryl, and it works extremely well, she gives her a very small does.  You could try that, but I would make sure she is completely done with her antibiotics before you attempt that.  Good luck.
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My pup gets these too. I bought a Vicks Vaporizer and put some of the menthol liquid into the water. When you turn it on it produces a steam that will help with the congestion. Make sure the pup is near or is semi-contained in a area where the steam is concentrated.
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Yeah my dog has that right now and we try to make sure that the place were she sleeps isn't hot but not tto cold just right and make sure that they get lost of sleep because when they sleep it tends to come up so that may work and try not to involve the dog in to much because if you do they will get even worse . But it might not work on everybodys dog but I told some of my friends and it has worked really good and you try to stay away from a lot of solids because it could get stuck in there throat and they could choke or even worse DIE so I hope it works for you

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