What Home Remedy Can I Give My Yorkie For An Upset Stomach?


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If you are a pet owner you will be fully aware of how distressing it can be when your pet becomes ill, especially if you own a dog as beautiful and lovable as a Yorkie. One of the most common illnesses of a dog like a Yorkie can be an upset stomach which can quite often causes severe diarrhoea. This is obviously not only distressing for the dog but it is also not overly pleasant for you, especially if they are making a mess of your home. There is the option of taking your dog to the vets, but this can be rather expensive and if you do not have any pet insurance you may want to try and avoid this route, especially during these tough economic times. There are a number of home remedies that you can try out that often work as well, if not better, than the prescriptions that a veterinarian would provide you with. Feeding your dog portions of baked chicken mixed together with some boiled plain rice is a great method for curing diarrhoea, if you feed them this for around two to three days you should see the symptoms begin to subside. Another great food to try for your Yorkie`s upset stomach is canned or fresh pumpkin. If you are using the canned pumpkin it is extremely important to ensure that you use the kind that has absolutely no added spices in it. Another approach is to try to get your dog to eat some grass, this will induce vomiting so it is a good idea to do it outside but often the vomiting will remove the infection or bacteria that is inside the dog's stomach.
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My yorkie is very sick not ate anything in 24 hours , she's throwing up white foam/ fluid often during the day . She is drinking alittle more extra this normal . Her nose is warm and dry . Loss of playfulness , and very sleepy . One bout of running poo with fresh blood in it . Please let me know what I should do .
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BLOOD in her stool?!!! Are u serious? BRING HER 2 THE VET NOWWW!! It makes me cry out for your poor yorkie...sounds like she could have a LIFE THREATENING problem. PLEASE take her to a vet asap! OBVIOUSLY she needs immediate emergency care!!! U cant just play the waiting game when it comes to vomiting AND bloody stool--she needs immediate care by a professional!
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I have given my small dog 1/2 of a tum & it seems to work. Also yoghurt works well. I suggest changing his dog food to one that says for "sensitive stomach".
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For my yorkiepoo the vet suggested either boiled chicken or hamburger with white rice. This also helps with their stool.
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I agree with the 1/2 a tum. I have a pitbull, when she's ill, she will go out and eat grass, but that makes her retch, and vomit. If she's just got a upset tummy that will work just fine. Good luck.
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When my dog eats her poop, we give her a half a tums and a fake piece of poop. Hope this helps, good luck :)

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