Need A Home Remedy For Killing Fleas On Dog, Cat And In The Home-i Have Toddlers?


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I want to try the tobacco thing but I'm afraid it's going to harm my cat.
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Believe it or not when we want to keep our animals from getting fleas we use this old remedy which DOES work :

What you do is you find tobacco from cigarettes that have already been smoked.  You take the tobacco out ( not much, just enough for a dash or two ) and you sprinkle it ( or mix it ) in with the food.  There is an ingredient that is in the tobacco that will get into the blood stream of the animal and when the animal is sweating it will go to the surface of the skin where the fleas are.  Fleas don't like it when this happens and they go away.  

Believe it or not, it works.  Oh before I forget, you only have to add the tobacco about once or twice a month and only use about 1/2 a cigarette tobacco in a large bowl of food.  Good luck!
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Hello, try looking at something at the chewy pet store. You can find their phone number at and call them. Thus, you can find out if what you need is in stock.

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Do not kill... Its bad.
Killing bugs is only a temporary solution coz you have to kill again... And again...
You have to get to the root of the problem. Why bugs ?.. You need to know the conditions in your pet
that attracts bugs...  May be its a hygenic issue, environment or other pets your pets are mingling with... Eleminate the cause.. The effect will automatically be eliminated.

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